human made?

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A close-up of a social media post with a blurred background, highlighting a call-to-action that reads 'Try AI today. (Ideas by me words by CHAT GPT)', indicating a collaboration between the user and an AI for content creation.

They are a ‘top voice’ on the platform, which means they’ve likely let ChatGPT do the writing at least 3-times.

LinkedIn LLM Influencers

I’ve noticed an influx of content that seems to be written by ChatGPT/LLMs on LinkedIn (estimating 99.9% of the platform is now copy + paste), which makes it difficult to get an idea for someone’s skillset and what people actually* think.

There was a time when looking at someone’s early iterations (sticky notes, sketches, journey maps, etc.) could help paint a picture for not only what people think, but how they express those ideas in various fidelities.

Did a person make this?

Now sketches can be Dall•e’d out in an instant and it can be accompanied by words that were created just as quickly (and with just as little thought).

Close-up of hand-drawn sketches and layout ideas on paper, with a black pen, illustrating the brainstorming process of a creative project, created by Kelsy Gagnebin

Above are my paper doodles for this homepage. (I’m curious when the images will start faking a lower-quality in order to seem authentic)

Graphic design project display featuring a sketchbook with monochrome doodles and drawings of various icons and elements related to design work, made by Dall•e.

My experiment with dall•e & generating images of sketches, with the image being surrounded by tools that heavily imply a human created this (sidenote: I really miss dall•e’s 4-image generation)

It’s getting extremely difficult to gauge what is real-or-faked (and not a lot of people promoting the idea that learning tools and frameworks actually helps you think by way of making).

It’s harder to know if people are ‘faking it’.

This is a bummer, because people trying to learn on the platform are getting unhelpful information & shithead-tactics.

Time-lapses, a possible solution

I captured my first time-lapse at (Beyond) in 2017 when I was doing a design audit, because it was tedious, time consuming, and 100% worth it because it’s how you actually understand a new system + the many, many patterns that are on an e-commerce site that launched in 1999.

I continue to experiment capturing different contexts of thinking/working at different stages of fidelity, including the most intimate of captures - my procreate doodles/notes, and the extremely painful process of writing.

Sharing on

Screenshot of a creative professional's social media profile on, featuring a collection of posts. The top post displays a classic iPod device on a wooden surface. Below are images showcasing user interface designs and digital sketches. One post includes a side-by-side comparison of website code and a rendered webpage. Another post features a simple line drawing of a face. The overall theme suggests a portfolio of design and development work.

My experiment with posts & to always* include some type of media attached to every post.

Social platforms can turn your brain to shit and I wanted to be mindful before joining one.

I decided that would be a solid place to share work with other people that might find it interesting because it’s an extension of the platform. is what an ideal LinkedIn would look like.

There’s a ton of talented people there, and if a group can figure out what a better way to communicate might look like, i believe it can start there.

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