three links mid-feb

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Composite image showing three browser windows overlaid against a dark background. The top browser displays a blog headline 'DESIGNER NEWS IS DEAD' from a site's February 1, 2024, post. The bottom left browser shows OpenAI's homepage with a headline about a new video generation release dated February 15, 2024. The bottom right browser features an article from Jim Nielsen's Blog titled 'The Case For Design Engineers, Pt. II.'

3 links i liked this mid-month:

openai & sora

the text-to-video examples are incredible.

below are screengrabs of the video examples, & i’m still processing the experience.

A collage of six images arranged in a staggered layout against a light background. The images depict a variety of scenes including a dog looking out of a window, a vintage photo of a hilly village, colorful building facades, a Land Rover on a dusty road, a person running on a treadmill in monochrome, and a gallery interior with framed paintings.

these are 60-second scenes that would be nearly indistinguishable as AI-generated on a smaller screen, which is where a significant amount of content is consumed.

i’m curious about the impact of this & the potential blurring of quality in content creation. I believe that the technology does not have to significantly improve if the process of applying it and creating videos is relatively quick.

i’m not sure what other text-to-video companies will do if this gets integrated into chatgpt.

the rate of change is so fast that i would advise against* subscribing to genai services beyond month-to-month. i’m really curious to see how many companies last until this time 2025.

it will be interesting to see how long it takes for open-source models to catch up.

the case for design engineers, pt II

i ended up reading part one through this post.

i like the emphasis on the important piece being whatever is in the end-person’s hands. whatever they are interacting with is what matters and design files are not artifacts that end up being interacted with.

the shift into interacting with production / directly with the end-person.

”Instead, the artifact is the deliverable”

i’m really interested in that idea of designers being able to produce production code (or interact with it in a meaningful way, like by updating design tokens & it propagating throughout the system).

increasing everyone’s ability to participate in a meaningful way is something that i think ai could help with.

it’s the translation-layer of putting ideas into other formats easily/quickly, & with some practice, i think teams would be able to leverage ai-tools in a way that increases communication rather than silo’s people off to explore end-to-end on their own.

designer news is dead

it was nice to get some insights from someone who was there in the beginning.

i vaguely remember checking designernews for the latest tools info in 2015, but then it started to get spammy & extremely quiet in the last couple years.

Two email newsletter interfaces side by side, contrasting a past issue from November 2020 with a farewell issue from February 2024. The 2020 newsletter showcases top stories and UI color scheme tips, while the 2024 newsletter announces Designer News joining 'We Work Remotely' and includes links to a newsletter for career development tips and remote work events.

each post only had one or two votes on it & if there were comments, they seemed pretty bot-y.

that idea of a gated community, but one that other people could view, is interesting.

since there’s an ability to auto-generate content of medium quality in an instant, i think people will be even more interested in having a group that personally curates links & contributes to ideas.

i could see a desire for quality content + thoughts, even if it means that the observers cannot actively participate.

lurkin’, but not able to shit on activities or distract from the core-contributors.

if there is a premium option, i imagine that higher tiers means more access to higher levels of fidelity around the ideas & earlier insights that are more ambiguous - but nothing that allows for interaction. lurker-only.

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